Lewis Salvage

Serving Northern Indiana's Recycling Needs for 90 Years

Recycling Rules

Most Recyclable items can be brought it as is, however due to environmental concerns as well as the need to properly price materials, the following rules must be followed.

Valid state identification for all Lewis Salvage transactions is required.

Metal items we DO NOT purchase nor can be disposed of on the property:

  • No Televisions or Monitors
  • No Microwaves
  • No Loaded ammunition

Items requiring special preparation BEFORE arrival at Lewis Salvage:

  • Fridges must have the freon and compressors removed by a professional.
  • Air conditioners must also have the compressor drained or removed by a professional.
  • No closed tanks of any kind, unless an opening large enough for inspection is present, basketball size or bigger, or preferably cut in half. No residue of any kind may be present.
  • Vehicles must have a signed off title with no outstanding lien.
  • Aluminum cans must be clean with no foil, glass, dirt, trash, liquids, or any other items.

Deductions will be taken for the following items if co-mingled and are NOT permitted to be sold at Lewis Salvage:

  • No dirt, sand, or concrete
  • No glass, plastic, or wood
  • No unclean barrels or buckets
  • No mercury switches
  • No PCB-containing tested materials
  • No alkaline batteries
  • No gasoline or oil
  • No asbestos materials
  • No filters
  • No dross
  • No syringes or needles or any other item with possible health hazards
  • No hazardous materials
  • No radioactive material — state authorities will be notified if found — proper disposal procedures will be followed
  • No kegs, railroad iron, or any other commercial scrap will be accepted without proof of source or ownership
  • No non-conforming materials can be left on Lewis Salvage property
  • No unidentifiable material
  • Liquids will be drained and deducted from the scale tickets. All other non-conforming items will be deducted with price adjustments to cover the landfill fee
  • You will be notified immediately if hazardous or radioactive materials are found

Lewis Salvage reserves the right to refuse anything. If you have any questions about materials, please fill out the form on our contact page or give us a call at 574-267-6781.