Lewis Salvage

Serving Northern Indiana's Recycling Needs for 90 Years

Turn Your Scrap into Cash

For nearly 100 years, the Lewis Family has served Northern Indiana's metal recycling needs. From aluminum can recycling to container transportation and metals processing, Lewis Salvage has been an integral part of servicing Indiana’s communities and businesses.

Individuals and business are welcome to our drop off lanes where your metals get unloaded and weighed for payment with the assistance of our friendly staff. Cash is paid to all individuals and business unless previously arranged otherwise. Please call or refer our rules page for the best ways of preparing your material and for daily pricing.

Lewis Salvage specializes in heavy steal purchasing, machine shop, and manufacturing metals as well as orthopedic turnings and solids. Lewis Salvage will quote any metal contented items and pay based on the value of the recovered metal using a wide range of processing/sorting methods at our disposal. We offer container drop off service, building demolition, metals removal and mixed metals sorting. Please call with any questions about your material.

We purchase all metals that conform to a short list of environmental rules found here.

Pop Cans, House Siding, Copper Tubing and Extension Cords, Stove Pots and Pans, Farm Equipment, Computer Towers, Steel Cans, Brass Fittings, Window Frames, Car and Truck Rims, Car and Rechargeable batteries, is only a short list of items that can be sold at Lewis Salvage. We additionally specialize in orthopedic metal solids destruction and turnings recycling.

A full list of metals we buy can be found here. Please call 574.267.6781 or fill out our contact form for daily pricing.