Lewis Salvage

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Electronics Recycling & E-Scrap

Lewis Salvage now buys electronics. Do you have old computers, broken cell phones, or boxes of obsolete digital cameras taking up space in your garage? Lewis Salvage will pay you for your e-scrap. This is the only way you can get rid of your old electronic recyclables and get paid for it!

Lewis Salvage Accepts The Following Electronic Recyclables

  • Cell phones - all brands and styles

  • Computer Towers or Desktops - not including the monitor

  • Laptops

  • Floppy Drives/CD Drives

  • All Green Computer Circuit Boards - Motherboards, Sound, and Video cards

  • Colored Motherboards - red, yellow, blue, black in color

  • Processors - some with plastic fans must be removed (Please remove from the mother board; connected by pins and a release)

  • RAM or Memory (Generally looks like a pack of gum. Remove from the motherboard, clipped in.)

  • Hard Drives - with circuit board (from computers, laptops, cables boxes, or game consoles.)

  • Hard Drives - without circuit board attached

  • Miscellaneous Circuit Boards - VCR, DVD, T.V., and telephones

  • Computer wire and Christmas lights

  • Miscellaneous Consumer Electronics - Keyboards, mice, printers, sound audio equipment, telephones, cable boxes, AC adapters, network equipment, and power supplies

We do not accept computer monitors or televisions — Lewis Salvage has the right to refuse any e-scrap. If you have any questions about electrinc recycling, fill out the form on our contact page or give us a call at 574-267-6781. .

All remaining data on electronics will be destroyed and not viewed in the process. Lewis Salvage is not responsible for loss of data on recycled goods.